Protect Yourself and Your Car Affordably

In this economy, it’s hard to get anyone to trust you with their money. That goes for banks, of course – they sure aren’t having an easy time of it these days, though the government certainly seems happy enough to throw your cash at them. No, we’re talking about insurance. After all, having insurance basically means that your insurer trusts you not to need it very often. Otherwise, it’s a pretty bad deal for them, financially speaking.

That’s why it can be so hard to find affordable car insurance. You have to look all over for affordable car insurance quotes, and when you finally get that affordable car insurance quote you find that it comes with all kinds of caveats that make the insurance essentially worthless. What is a potentially hazardous driver to do? 2013-05-24_2059

Well, for the best affordable car insurance, you may have to get non-owner auto insurance. That means, you’ll be driving a car that belongs to someone else. Your parents, perhaps, or a friend; you could just pay them rent for the car on a regular basis, whenever you need it, and then drive with insurance so that if – or when? – you have an accident, you’ve got it covered. Non-owners liability insurance can often cover most of what you need at a very affordable rate.

Yes, you may be thinking that you don’t need no stinking insurance, but then that’s a pretty terrible thought to have and you should feel bad. Insurance is necessary if you’re going to be able to pay for any horrific accidents that occur on the road, especially if they’re your fault (which they almost certainly are). If you don’t have insurance, that means the person or people you wronged will have to sue you for damages, which will cost you a lot more money and also delay the restitution of those whom you’ve hurt. That makes you a terrible human being who is now, also, broke. So, double the terrible.

You’re far better off just biting the bullet and buying insurance, even if its non-owners’ insurance. With that taken care of you can forget about whether or not a simple drive down the road could result in life-crippling debt, and instead focus on actually driving competently and making enough money to afford better car insurance. Wouldn’t that be nice? A car of your own and insurance plan to cover it? A man can dream.